Fight Like a Girl
classes for Women & Girls

        Mondays & Wednesdays  7:15-8:15 pm
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Fight Like A Girl classes are hands-on, entertaining, and filled with practical skills that are practiced with each participant.  The techniques are simple, targeted to each age group and highly effective for creating a window of escape. 

1  Develop Incredible Confidence
If you think people were born with confidence – think again.  Confidence is something that you learn and develop.  Anyone, yes, anyone can develop confidence in their life no matter what circumstances you have been faced with, but you have to start working on it.
Leave low self-esteem in the dust!

2  Learn Simple, Effective Ways to Defend Yourself
Women and girls have incredible strength.  There are simple techniques in Fight Like a Girl that Kym Rock (the founder and creator) has designed so that you can know how to defend yourself.  It capitalizes on women’s strengths.  Only a woman would really know what those strengths are.  
 Fight Like a Girl is a proven system that was made by a woman for women.

Acquire the Courage You Need to Face Life
Sometimes, well a lot of times, life is difficult and situations are difficult.  There isn’t a person on the earth that hasn’t had trials in life.  We need to have the ability to face life with courage in order to go forward.  Fight Like a Girl gives you the tools to face your fears and overcome them.
The choice is yours.

4  Train with Your Daughters
Whose responsibility is it to teach their daughters how to defend themselves?  Is it the schools?  Is it the police department?  Is it their friends?  No!  We all know it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their kids the dangers in life.  Many moms and daughters have trained in Fight Like a Girl and it is one of the best ways to deepen your relationship with your daughter.

5  Walk in Awareness
The best defense is “no be there” as Mr. Migayi said.  It is true that if you are aware of your surroundings you greatly decrease your likelihood of becoming a victim.  Practice easy to remember techniques and principles to stay safe.  Learn how to recognize the signs when something isn’t quite right.

6  Establish Clear Boundaries
So many of us have been taken advantage of in all areas of our lives.  It’s time to establish those healthy boundaries and live the life you were created to live!
 Learn that it is ok to say NO!

7  Birds of a Feather Flock Together
You become like the people that you hang out with.  So why not hang with other ladies and girls that are learning incredible skills?  These classes are filled with those that want to do everything listed in 1-6 above.  Are you one of them?